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Rick Davis has an ability to produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, and create a beautiful memory. His appropriate professional equipment is state of the art which enables him to produce a successful portrait.

Using an extensive range of technical equipment, Rick is able to achieve masterful portraits which leave his clients inspired and coming back for more. He may enhance his subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light, shoot his subject from an interesting angle, draw attention to a particular aspect of his subject by blurring the background, or use various lenses to produce desired levels of details at various distances from his subject.

As an experienced photographer, Rick combines strong, artistic talent and technical skill to present professional, unbeatable photographs. His unique experience has been gained over 18 years of photographing.

One of his specialties is capturing High School Seniors. Seeing the models through Rick’s eyes is like none other, he digs deeply into their thoughts and feelings to bring out inspiring images. Common comments heard are, “I had so much fun, he made me feel special and very comfortable.”