Senior Pictures by RONASZEGI photography and design in Bluffton, South Carolina

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RONASZEGI photography and design

We love creativity and technology

We like to tell stories with our images: stories about life, beauty, meaning and something unique about you. We love technology and we know how to combine it with the keen visual sense and intuition that our team developed through many years of experience, practice and study in the United States and Europe. We want to use the camera with the same passion and dedications as you feel about the importance and meaning of the story we are trying to tell in the photographs.

Arpad Daniel Ronaszegi, photographer and licensed design professional, has been working with young people for many years as an educator teaching art and design. He is passionate about art, making meaningful images and working with young people.

Prior to the photography session we have an initial consultation with you and discuss how we can create exciting and inspiring images for your particular purpose.