Senior Pictures by Aaron Brown Photography in Crown Point, Indiana

Aaron Brown Photography, Crown Point, Indiana - (219) 669-1078

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Aaron Brown Photography

High School Portraits That Don't Suck

I absolutely LOVE taking photos and can go on for days about it, but instead, here are some fun facts about me that might be more interesting to read: I love indie rock and hip hop, I think science is way cool, spiders scare me to a level of self-preservation-mode and I get all ninja on 'em, I prefer Coke over Pepsi and can eat tacos or pizza just about everyday for the rest of my life, I'm well aware that I should eat better, my girlfriend and I lived in South Korea for a little over two years, I have an obsession with buying jeans, comic books and superheros - Batman in particular - bring out the mega-nerd in me, and my favorite book as a wee little baby was Socks for Supper (still love it).

Tell mom or dad to drop me a line because I'd love to meet you.