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(217) 542-1602
605 West Side Square, Clinton, IL 61727
You're a Dancer, Athlete, Geek, Cheerleader, Student Council President, Genius, Gamer, Hunter, Beauty Queen, Princess, Wild Man.

You are an individual.

Unique and different than any other senior.

Don't you deserves to be treated as such?

We work with you to create images that are about you -- not about our latest background that we can use with many seniors. Ugh!

We'll look at your interests, your hobbies and your world to find out what images have to do with you. And then we'll go where we needed to capture those images (within reason, sorry, no Caribbean trips unless you buy the ticket!)

Urban locations, farms, rivers, homes, parks, schools, ranches. As a photojournalist, my home is the world. My studio is where I choose it to be. I don't believe in boundaries and putting people in posed boxes.