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Noah Photography

Not your average yearbook portrait.

Welcome to Noah Photography! I am a Senior Portrait Photographer based in Los Angeles and I run this business with my wife Sarah. I just recently discovered that senior photos out here in L.A. generally suck. That's really too bad, and I can tell you from experience that you're really missing out. I grew up here in the San Fernando Valley or the 818 as some of you call it. But I moved to Tucson before I went to high school, so I had no idea that senior photos were non-existant out here in Los Angeles. Let's change that!

A little about myself. I got married in March of 09 to my lovely wife. We're both into independent music, love Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. We love the Office, Community, and Modern Family. We think the bachelor was a moron for going for the wrong girl. We also love Jesus, and try to live out lives in a way that actually matters and will make a difference. That's me and my wife Sarah in a nutshell.

It's my goal to make sure that your senior portraits are awesome, top-shelf, and ultimately will blow you away.